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Daniele Vantaggio (aka Seismal D), born in Rome, he lived each day listening to music of all genres until he realized his passion was to express himself through music.

In order to fulfill this desire to create, he dedicated himself to the study of “electronic music,” which continues to excite and kindle his original pieces.

Before he was seventeen years old, he was already mastering the intricacies of hardware and software related to audio production…

In 2007, he graduated from the St. Louis College of Music in Rome, Italy, completing “Hard Disk Recording” that required three years of intensive study under renowned Luca Spagnoletti who pioneered “electronic music.”

Continuing his studies, he took an accelerated course that expanded his knowledge of hardware and DJ software, including special effects, mixers and Pioneer console.

Combining his practical education and love of all genres of music with the latest technological synthesizers, he has composed an explosive new sound that is energetic and colorful.

In 2006, he was hired to play at a number of locations in Rome during fundraising events for the Betty Ford Clinic. This exposure led to his being discovered by ROYAL-TEK Records of Fabio Batti who produced his first vinyl record, “SEISMOGRAPHY EP,” featuring a mix of his never before published sound and tracks and published works by MISTYKA Record.

Since then, he’s been perfecting his blend, experimenting and leveraging his instincts to create new works that are original and inspirational.

At the beginning of Summer of 2008, his “KOMNAT,” produced by MALATOID Records, leapt to the top of the international charts and was played by top radio stations throughout Europe, raising his profile within the music business elite.

His latest hits, like “XYSTEM EP,” are played by most important Dj like Richie Hawtin, Umek, Citizen Kain, Uto Karem…

He’s now composing and mixing Minimal-Techno music, designed to occupy the top of the playlists of international DJs who want to immerse their audience and inspire them to dance the night away!

It’s being produced by AUTIST Records.