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As time goes by…

With 7 years Seikos got his first keyboard and from this moment everything for his future seemed to be clear… He learned to play fanfare, guitar, organ and drums. From 15 to 18 he played in a local band named “Cabal” but that was not the thing he wanted to do. “To play in a Coverband is not my gratification!” So he decided to create his own music with only a keyboard and first for himself. In 2000 it was the right time for Seikos to build a small living room studio and after a few month met Woody van Eyden. Woody was sold on Seikos and so the first projects started and after a short time the first Seikos Remix for U.K.W. “Electric love” was released. From this moment on Seikos worked with many DJs and producers: Rico Bass & Sascha van Holt (both Master Blaster), Mike Miller & Shaun Baker, just to name a few. On his Discography you find Remixes for Noemi, Ayla, Ian van Dahl, Jordan & Baker and so on.

But not only producing music is Seikos’ life. Everything started in 1983 with Ryan Paris “Dolce Vita” – his first bought single. From this moment his whole life was supplied by music. His aunt bought him a compact turntable and from his parents he got a cassette recorder. The microphone from this recorder in front of the speaker of the turntable he recorded the vinyls to hear them on a walkman which has nearly the size of a very small laptop today.

With 14 years he played music on a party of his best friend’s sister. That was the day he decided to become a DJ. Half a year later he reached the 3rd place at his first DJ Contest in a dancing school. After that he played on many parties from 50 to 3000 people before he started DJing in Clubs with the age of 18. Now, 15 years later, he has played in many countries of Europe and is constant DJ in different Clubs in Switzerland and Germany.

After 2 years only producing different projects and many ups & downs in his life the new Seikos Single “Gotta get up” will be released in June 2008. The story of Seikos is

…to be continued…