At 24 years old, Robert Taylor Jr. espouses a knowledge of and enthusiasm for the finer points of music better than heads twice his age. Taylor’s father DJ Brother Rob rais... read more



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At 24 years old, Robert Taylor Jr. espouses a knowledge of and enthusiasm for the finer points of music better than heads twice his age. Taylor’s father DJ Brother Rob raised him on classic soul, and his obsession with music grew from there. “I love every genre, from classical to heavy metal,” he beams. “I understand it and love it all. If you see me without my headphones, then I’m going through something and there’s a problem.”

He used to hold residency with quite a young black teenage following at Jamz Roller Skating Center and at Pinnacle Nightclub during the summers, both with DJ Dee Square. Taylor is known as one of Philly’s most respected “party music” DJs.

As a producer his stock has exploded on the scene with his club remixes of “Woo Hah!”, “Last Resort”, and around 100 other tracks; made only for himself prior to a career. Sega is a man with a mission, “I just want people to hear my music and feel whatever bad situation they’re in either doesn’t exist or won’t be a problem for long. When you dance and hear music that makes you move, you get a feeling that it’s gonna be all right.”

At first, Sega was merely a creative wizard. Taking songs we knew in the most non-club setting and riddling them with a hail of drum and bass patterns. However, something great has happened to Sega. He has developed his style yet further, and is applying his trademark intensity to dubstep, electro and pretty much anything in his path. Toddla T, Donaeo, Dr. Dre, Diplo, Major Lazer, Rye Rye, Young Chris, and Caspa have all recently been remixed by the boy turned man who dares to be king.

Influenced by a slew of recent remixes involving popular European bass and dubstep tracks alongside the same Top 40 material familiar to the work of many northern based club DJs, Sega has finally matured as a professional. He’s become a recognized name both nationally and internationally, and recently cemented himself as a headline talent with the most talked about DJ sets of the Mad Decent Block Parties in Philadelphia and New York City, and an Australian tour last year that is still widely discussed on the continent. In both the northern and southern hemisphere Sega has set a precedent for people demanding more.

The one thing about this man is you have to see him live and in person. All of his sets vary by selection of about 99% his own productions. His broad selection of his own music collection takes you on a journey within your own subconscious. The energy he brings is sometimes even unbearable to the average soul there to experience all the remixes he takes time to compose himself. There’s even been rumors of amnesia occurring the morning after seeing him spin.

Sega’s mastery of unique sampling over the hardest of breaks and creating deliriously fun tracks is what makes him one of the more inventive and most important disc jockeys on the planet. His intellectual quotient is far higher than you give a man credit for who took the time to sample Quagmire from Family Guy, Bill Nye the Science Guy, or even the current top selling game, Angry Birds. Sega just wants people to dance, and imagines a universe and landscape where there’s nothing better or more pressing to just get down. On his initial Mad Decent Records full length compilation New Jack Philly, the 80s and 90s cultural explosion harnessed on record ensures that not only will you get down, but you’ll be so intrigued and amazed that you’ll stay down with Sega’s cause forever.

He recently mixed and produced half of Rye Rye’s highly anticipated ”RYEot PowRR” mixtape. He’s also released a six song mini-mixtape collection called ”The DJ Sega’s Sixer Series” and went further and is now currently releasing free EPs online for the world to have and openly blast!