Seek Beatport


SeeK started his career spinning old techno on a pair of beat up old numark direct drive tables. One of his friends started spinning drum and bass and thats what made him slip into the stream of drum and bass. He now has spun well over 25 shows in the south western ontario area and is always looking for new ventures and people he can show his skill to. Seeks weapons of choice are his DENON S3500 and XONE 92 which he blows everyone away with. He has played along side the likes of Benny Page, RCOLA, Marcus Visionary, Dubcomm, Brizzy, DJ Jeph and many many more. He is also a promoter in London Ontario through What?! Production, ILL TYPE DJ and .London.United. He is an extreamly ambitious DJ and is always looking for a good versus battle to test his skills and put him out on top. This DJ has been spinning for only 3 years now and is well known in the London and Toronto Jungle scene and is killing it everywhere he goes.