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Seeb Style

Osaka, Japan

Hip-Hop, Open Format

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Sebastiano Gosmar a.k.a. Seebstyle has been involved heavily in the Hip-Hop scene for the past 12 years. This Italian native is a true music fan known for Entertainer. Seeb discovered his talent when in 1997 he participated in the national “Dj Trip” competition, (in memory of Dj Tripodo R.I.P.) and won in the category of “Dj-Entertainer Mc”. Seeb then became a free-lance member of AELLE Magazine, Cobratempio Studios and 3Linez Web-magazine with Dok. During the following years his Show & Entertainment experience grew as he strived to increase his knowledge of the Worldwide Hip-Hop culture movement. He advanced from beign a “Simple Dj for club” to specializing in Black Music: Funk, Hip-Hop, Old School, R&B, Reggaeton, Dance Hall and Break Beats. After mastering his selection and mixing skills he developed his talent as a Mc’s-Entertainer and began incorporating microphone and sample machines with special sound effects to create his individual Style. Seeb express a Style and a modern selection, direct but never heavy, good for all kind of audience, he also propose in his selection classics of Old School or from beginning 90’s. He brings fire in his parties and keeps high the atmosphere in the dance floor.

In Japan he played as a guest dj for special events and parties along Dj KO-MATSUSHIMA, Dj MONKEY, Dj HIROFUMI OHTA, Dj $HIN, Dj KAORI, Dj HASEBE, Dj YOSHIKAZU, Dj REE-AGE, Dj DEEP, Dj KATZ-ZOW, Dj IMAI, Dj BENTO, Dj LEAD, Dj SHIOTSU, Dj KENT, Dj TANKO, Dj KOMORI, Dj FUKU, Dj VEGAS, Dj GROOVY WORK SHOP, Dj MO-BEATZ and many more. He was the back Dj during the “Shady Showcase Japan Tour Vol. 1” for BOBBY CREEKWATER, EMMANUEL FACES & REAL J. SEEB is an international dj playing gigs also abroad (Italy, China, Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey, France, U.S.A., Australia etc.) He was also the back Dj for the italian R&B singer CHARLIE P. & canadian MC WILLY STYLES during their lives shows in Japan.

In july 2011 he produced, coordinated & did the Host Mc alongside Dj LEAD at the EUROPE SUMMER TOUR 2011 (Paris – GIBUS CLUB, Bruxelles – CARRE CLUB & Naples – ARENILE).

REGULAR PARTIES: Every tuesday night @ CURVE BAR – Sannomiya

Every thursday night @ SQUAREGIRAFFEOsaka

If you are in the Kansai area come to join my parties & see me play Dj.

Seeb is alwais keep promoting himself and launched the “M.I.C. Entertainment” agency to promote & do some collaboration between Asian and European artists.

Recently he just sign up with TRUMEN RECORDS – Italy

FOR BOOKING: [email protected]