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Section Grabuge

Darkside Unleashed
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SECTION GRABUGE, technical and dynamic mixing, fucking tracklist for hard sessions, a real relationship with the public, many actions with fireworks. With many original tracks on vinyl or digital, he works solo, in collaboration and makes some remixes to present a CD album. Since 1996, He played in festivals (Decibel, Ground Zero, Hardshock…), free parties, clubbing and raves.

He has been around all of Europe (France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, UK). Also in recognition of his culture, french hardcore is more than a musical style, it’s a mindset, an activist’s fight for sound and especially a way of life ("No rules, no cops, no medias, no system). The story of a committed artist is to be continued… Are you ready to follow him ?

Many famous artists play our tracks :

Partyraiser, Unexist, Tieum, Tha Playah, Tommyknocker, Mad Dog, Outblast, Drokz, Dyprax, Chrono & Demon Dwarf, Razor Edge, The Vizitor, Day-Mar, Richie Gee, Bartoch & The Punisher, N Vitral, Project Omeaga, Johnny Napalm,…

Discography :

- Section Grabuge (CBKR 001) “Policia” (Original) – “Policia” (The Punisher Remix)

- DaMM (CBKR 002) “Death Threat” (Section Grabuge Remix)

- Section Grabuge (CBKR 003) “Revolution” – “Play It Fucking Loud !!” (Live Act In Holland)

- Kenny (CBKR 006) “Ready 2 Pogo” (Section Grabuge Remix)

- Section Grabuge (CBKR 010) “People Will Die” – “Manga Bitch” (ft. YaKuZa)

- Section Grabuge (CBKR 013) “Hatecore”

- Section Grabuge (CBKR 016) “Seek & Destroy” – “Nederland / Frankrijk”

- Section Grabuge (CBKR 020) “The Remixes” (Tieum, The Punisher & Section Grabuge)

- Section Grabuge (DARKUL013) “Fuck’Em All” – “Le Pacte” – “Eploited’s Not Dead”

- Section Grabuge (CBKR 023) “Ultra Violence” – “No !”

- Section Grabuge (CBKR 026) “Koffeshop” – “Riders On The Symphony”

- Mr. Madness (ISR DIGI) “O.M.G” (Section Grabuge Remix)

- Section Grabuge (1312 001) Album CD Section Grabuge (Collab./Remix UniX-Clan & MC Raw, The Vizitor & S’Aphira, Para, Black Mamba…)

- A-Kriv (DARKUL029) “Fuck Katy” (Section Grabuge Remix)

- Section Grabuge (MACR 001) “Trouble Dome”

- The Punisher (Altern-Hate) “Pact with The Devil” (Section Grabuge Remix)

- Section Grabuge & Los Indios De Barcelona – Like A Bum (Phrenetikcore II)

Compilation :

- Project Hardcore mixed by Partyraiser (B2S)

- Bassleader mixed by Tha Playah & Evil Activities (Bass Event)

- Masters Of Hardcore mixed by Unexist (Sonic Solution)