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Secret Simba

Breda, Netherlands



DJ Secret Simba, female house DJ from the Netherlands, was seduced by music from a very early age.

At the tender age of six years old she was enrolled in a local music school and the foundations of a musical career were forged.

From those early days, initially mastering the complexities of the alto sax, she followed a diversity of styles based on both Jazz and Blues through to Funk and Grunge, before the pivotal day in 1997 when House music captured her heart! Commenting on her musical development, “Music is in my blood, I was born with it, it will never disappear. I can’t imagine life without music”

The progression from little Marlies to DJ Secret Simba proved to be an instant success with her first demo reaching the ears of a producer for Radio 3 FM, Holland’s national radio station and assured her of an appearance on the show “Isabelle – Mix In The Weekend”. This proved a focal point in her fledgling career as a Dance DJ, as the exposure led to her being heralded by the leading Dutch dance magazine “Basic Groove” as the “most talented up-and-coming DJ”.

The party invites followed, with DJ Secret Simba playing at ID-T’s Mysteryland 2003, where 500 people went mad on the Redbull stage, Respect festival 2003 on mainstage with her hometown colleagues DJ Tiësto, Grooveland, ID&T Radio, Radio 538 and the Dutch National radio 3 FM, Summerparade Oslo, the list goes on and on.

However, Holland is a small country and soon DJ Secret Simba found her reputation growing and the offers to play started to come from further afield. Her first forays out of Holland saw her playing the decks in regular trips back-and-forth to both Norway and Finland, culminating in her heading up the Summerparade in Oslo in July 2002 and 2003.

At present DJ Secret Simba plays all over Europe and even Egypt, Dutch Antilles, and China are on the schedule.

The dance music style that she nurtured and developed has integrated such styles as house, funk and techhouse and are always combined in energetic sets. But production work is now a field that DJ Secret Simba has turned her focus of attention to. With the first tracks recorded, her first release will be end 2004, what more can we expect from the hand of this energetic girl?

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