Top 50k on The DJ List

Sebastijan Mak




A man who speaks 5 languages and have a big vision of language no. 6, well the most universal language of all “electronic music”

It all started back in 1993 in Copenhagen, Denmark where Sebastijan got for the first time in contact with electronic music under influence of Visions of Shiva, Sven Vaeth and other melodic artists. Since that date, he got infected by the sound and waves of beats and melodic.

Later his spent all his money on equipment and vinyls and he started first to mix on private parties and to his friends, sometimes he mixed only for him self a set of 3 hours.

Step by step and easily started a interest in his mixing and choice of vinyls. He started to mix in local small clubs and by the time he moved to bigger clubs and got more international bookings.

He is playing melodic tunes in clubs around the globe, he played sometimes in really strange countries like Kazakhstan, Fiji, Mauritius (where he is on holiday every year!), but also in well popular electronic music countries like Australia, Denmark, Sweden, Nederland, Germany, Spain, Israel…

He plays under different names for different styles, he is also interested in minimal techno and he also plays keyboard in his brothers band + he do live act, so only what we can say about Sebastijan. “He is really active man behind instruments and probably the sexiest male behind turntables”. ;-)