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Sebastian Russell

London, United Kingdom


Adjunct Audio, Chienkollektiv, fenou
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London resident, Sebastian Russell has credits to his name on labels like Trapez, Minus, Telegraph, MBF, Adjunct , Multi Vitamins, Milnormodern, Fenou and Lebensfreude. Sebastian is amongst the most eccentric and original electronic dance producers to come out from the London electronic music scene in the last years. Seb’s live shows have an outstanding appeal for intensity of grooves and sound variety, taking the listener on some adventurous trips and unpredictable turns. His instantly grooving house and techno is blended of different styles, ranging from funk and hip hop to rock and concrete music. His unique style comes from a very spontaneous and free-minded approach to electronic music, which can mainly find explanation in his musical roots and in 12 years of jazz, rock & funk guitar. The main influences affecting his electronic music output come from artists like Bruno Pronsato, Prefuse 73, Mathew Dear and Steve Reich, while sonic imagination and instinct to improvisation are among Sebastian’s most exceptional qualities. As the world still has to discover the eccentric and devastating potential of his live performances, Sebastian has already played alongside artists like Matthew Dear, Bruno Pronsato, Italoboyz, Ekkohaus, Gummihz, Mark Henning, Cabanne etc.


Men In Armour // Sebastian Russell // Souvenir EP (2010)

Fenou // Sebastian Russell // Away EP (2009)

MBF // Sebastian Russell // All The Wrong Loves EP (2009)

Adjunct // Sebastian Russell // Sexus EP (2008)

Multi Vitamins // Sebastian Russell // Don’t Let The System Work You EP prt.1 (2008)

Multi Vitamins // Sebastian Russell // Don’t Let The System Work You EP prt.2 (2008)

Enliven // Sebastian Russell // No Arms, No Chocolate EP (2007)

Telegraph // Sebastian Russell // Under The Cherry Blossoms EP prt.1 (2006)

Telegraph // Sebastian Russell // Under The Cherry Blossoms EP prt.2 (2006)

Multi Vitamins // Sebastian Russell & Den // Misbehave/Sister EP (2006)

//Appears on//

Messen // Borora D.Durango (S.Russell rmx) 2010

Fenou // Bouquet 1 (Follow The Lost Soul) // S.Russell 2010

Multi Vitamins // French Recipes LP // S.Russell & D.MaLicious // Eliminer Les Prejugers (2009)

Minus // Sounds From Can Elles // Sebastian Russell // You Freak (2008)

Lebensfreude // Sebastian Russell // Dead Zone (2008)

Enliven // Sebastian Russell // Liquid Window (2007)

Multi Vitamins // Sebastian Russell // Slam The Door (2006)

Multi Vitamins // Sebastian Russell // Murmur And Rage (2006)

Milnor Modern // Sebastian Russell // Funny Like I’m A Clown (2006)

//Up And Coming//

Mo’s Ferry // Sebastian Russell // Skit remix (2010)