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Sebastian Rodriguez



Sebastian Rodriguez Beatport


Sebastian Rodriguez A.k.a Sonik is tie to music from very young age, at the age of 13 years already counted on his first vinyl discs of soul, rock and roll and “disco” music.

Years later it was following with attention the European and American currents taking from there some basic sounds for his formation, Jamiroquai, Kraftwerk, Daftpunk, Noorman Cook among others.

He is already owner of an excellent reputation in his city and the environs and its capacity grows day to day, now in 2006 Sebastian begins to take his first steps like producer preparing his first singles of house music, “Pretty”, “Candombe Feeling Remake”, and “tribe theory”.

It has shared cabin with (among others): Marcelo Castelli (Uy), Dj Recycle (Uy), Dj Koolt (Uy), Paola Dalto (Uy), Federico Romanelli (Uy), Oscar Valdez (Uy), Ale Diangiolillo (Uy), Eduardo Esquivel (Uy), Ignacio C abrera (Vj Uy), Rafaele Santoro (Vj and dj), Javi Under (Uy), Santiago Alfonso (Uy), Dj Zen (Uy), Sebastian Suarez (Uy), Andrés Mastrángelo (Uy), Dj Canada (Uy).