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Sebastian Mullaert

Malmö, Sweden

AKA: Minilogue, Ooze, Son Kite

Apollo (Belgium), Default Position, Green
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Sebastian Mullaert is a Swedish record producer, DJ & co-founder of Chillosophy Music. Starting out in the early 1990s playing in the pop band DIM, his current (progressive trance) project SON KITE is currently one of the most respected live-acts in the world. Mullaert also DJ’s all over the globe, where his fusion of pop, trip-hop, electronica, jazz, down-beat, electro & beats make his sets original and freestyle in a modern world of pre-programmed events and DJs limited to one style of music. His other projects include Minilogue, Kooler, Filur, Dab Screen, Qlap & Trimatic. Mullaert also founded High Hat Studios in Malmoe, Sweden. In 1996 Mullaert teamed up with Marcus Henriksson to form SON KITE and have since released over 100 tracks & remixes, as well as 3 albums and a DVD (Live in Tokyo). They tour almost non-stop, playing for and collaborating with some of the best DJs, musicians and producers in the world. Their other (techno / house) project MINILOGUE has released blockbuster hits on Traum, WIR, Silver Planet & more recently Damian Lazarus’s label, Cross Town Rebels. They also have an upcoming 12” release on one of the world’s finest techno labels, Wagon repair (the home of Mathew Jonson). Coming from a musical family, Sebastian Mullaert has been playing the violin, piano and electric organ for over 20 years. His classical upbringing and passion for music took him to add an electronic violin to his live sets in 2001, making SON KITE one of the few truly electronic live acts in the world today. Mullaert’s passionate musical roots led him to launch his solo down-tempo project OOZE. The first OOZE album ‘Where the Fields Never End’ (2001, Spirit Zone Records) was not only a commercial success but also acknowledged as one of the first down-tempo albums to successfully fuse classical composition and instruments with modern electronic production. The new OOZE album is due to be released on Chillosophy Music late in 2007. Mullaert’s constant search for new musical boundaries was the main driving force behind the launch of CHILLOSOPHY MUSIC, a down-tempo label co-founded with Daniel Skantze (Fingertwister, Dab Screen). CHILLOSOPHY MUSIC releases and promotes a wide range of ambient & down–tempo music, with the widely awaited Random Wondrous Things featuring the sublime vocalist Tishk out in October 2006. Each CHILLOSOPHY MUSIC release incorporates different remixes of the original track: Random Wondrous Things includes remixes from Blue States (60’s pop Remix), Andreas Tilliander (electro) & Jesse Somfay (dance). Sebastian Mullaert is often referred to as being way ahead of his time. After 20 years in the music world, half of them professionally, his experience and determination can only mean that the best is still to come. Watch this space!