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Sebastian Koch

Berlin, Germany


31337 Records, FRONT Digital, Klangscheiben Records
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For Sebastian Koch it all started in 1996, where he began to spin hip hop records.In 1998 he visited the Tresor club for the first time and was so fascinated by the atmosphere, that his style changed completely. One year later he was playing for the first time at the legendary ‘headquarter-new-faces’ nights at the Tresor club.

In the year 2005 Sebastian adopted the Berlin studio of the web radio ‘spiel-trieb’ (, which has its headquarter in Munich and works together with the well known club ‘Harry Klein’. in 2007, together with 2 colleagues (0×7f & Subjunk), he founded the label ‘31337records’. The label is releasing international artists such as ‘Easy Changes’, ‘Someone Else’, ‘Miskate’ and ‘Omar Salgado’ to name a few. On this label he also released his first EP ‘Friendship’ along with Den.

His style is straight minimal, sometimes dark, but always groovy minimal-techno. True to the motto ‘less is more’ or ‘the art lies in the detail’!

Since 2009 he is running some of the shows of the Russian internet radio RTS.FM in the Berlin studio.

Quote: ‘Sebastion Koch is one of the Berlin dj’s who’s putting lots of thoughts into their sets. His style is affected by lots of minimalistic details, wich he skillfully puts together. Thus he’s taking a path where he gives the interested listener the possibility to let himself fall into the music to understand its core, the minimal maximalism.’