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Lately, it seems all the magic comes from the upper side of Europe. It?s the cold and beautiful Scandinavia that delivers a big part of the best trance beats at the moment. One of the producers to capture them is Sebastian Brandt. Despite the young age of only 20, this Swedish producer has managed to leave his footprints on trance history. With a clear, promising future ahead of him and plenty of inspiration to produce another range of fine tunes, Sebastian Brandt isn?t even close to the top of his curve.

His one true passion

Sebastian: ?When I was about four years old I started collecting these Swedish compilations CD?s called ?Absolute Dance?. I think that was the first small step of building a deep interest of electronic dance music. I didn?t really listen to any EDM when I was six or seven, but a few years later I remember hearing a couple of tunes on the radio. One of them was ?Safri Duo ? Played Alive?. It was one of those tracks that really made me realize Trance music was slowly becoming my one true passion in life.?

And so began the story of producer/DJ Sebastian Brandt. While most teenagers spend their time collecting football cards and playing tag, Sebastian began producing his first loops and beats. Sebastian: ?I started making music when I was about 10 years old. After a couple of years I joined some online forums and started sharing my music with others there, which helped me a lot. Getting feedback from others was really important for me.? It helped him developing his skills and gave him the confidence he needed to eventually introduce his sound to the crowds. However, it wasn?t until 2006 that his first solo record would see the light.

Going solo

A melodic trancer called ?Mysteria? was the official first Sebastian Brandt release. ?Mysteria? already had the typical Brandt sound, that can still be heard in his current productions. But more so, was it Selu Vibra that put Sebastian?s name on the map. He teamed up with fellow-country producer Ludvig Holm, who produces under the Algarve alias, and hit the studio. The outcome was ?Divine?; a sweet, uplifting trance anthem that was one of the biggest trance tunes that year, 2006. ?Stargazing? was the follow-up to this massive success, and also received a more than warm welcome. Another project Sebastian had success with was Under Sun, with Marcus Schössow as his producing mate. They released the lovely ?Capoeira? and ?Captured?, both on Armada?s A State of Trance imprint. But after 2007, the main focus was on Sebastian?s solo career. And it?s been a good career so far. His ?epic, danceable and euphoric? style is transmitted through a variety of tracks, flowingly mixed together. Sebastian :?Mainly, my sets today are built from slower melodic trance up to the 140 uplifting stuff. I guess what makes me special is that I try to play tracks that others don?t, which in the end works really well for me.? And not only does it work for him, it also works for the crowd. Sebastian is one of the most requested Scandinavian DJ?s, and has played in numerous venues around the globe.

A way back to the music

?So Cold?, ?Technology?, ?Serenade? and numerous banging remixes with the Sebastian sound written all over have enriched the trance scene over the past years. Sebastian may be fully focused on music, he?s also wise enough to have a back-up plan. Sebastian: ?I actually dropped out 2nd year in high school because I didn?t feel it was something for me. But last year I made the mature decision of going back to school, so at the moment I?m studying half time and producing/DJ?ing half time.? Afraid to run out of inspiration, or give up on music, sure isn?t cluttering his mind. ?I don?t think there is a chance in the world I would get tired of EDM. This music has always found its way back naturally to me.? Stay tuned to find out what Sebastian has in stores for the future. Cause if one thing?s obvious, it?s that it is a bright looking one.

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