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Dj Seba was born in Cracow, Poland. He lived there all his life until he came to the USA in 1998. On April 23rd, 1997 began the turning point of his career. It was the day when he won the Polish DJ Championship. This event opened the door to the bigger success in his life. Seba started working with Dee Jay Mix Club. He was traveling and doing scratch shows all over Poland. Also, he was teaching young duds about the art of deejaying. Since then, he attended (was at) every DJ’s Championship. In 1998, he worked for Denon Poland. He was their official DJ which resulted in a short demo movie with an instruction tape of CD 2500N cd player. In the same year, dj Seba got second place in the Polish DJ Championship which improved his position in this field. All those years, can be summarized as a never stopping party with short breaks to catch some sleep. DJ’s know the most about it, since they have a highly developed sense of amusement. :-)). Seba doesn’t regret any single moment because they were all worth it. At least, there will be something to talk about when he get old. Since 98 he has been living in Chicago (or its suburbs), where Seba deejay at different night clubs (mainly polish)and other events. His current plans are more focused on working in his small music studio, which doesn’t mean that he avoids playing alive. The best example and proof of his good shape is next (second) gold DJ Championship award for the year 2000 and his participation in DJ World Championship in London in 2000 and 2001. Technics World DJ Championship is a dj’s olympics. It’s as emotional as Oscar’s. Life goes on and he tries very hard to make every moment of it as intresting as possible. Anything that comes up in the future and is worth the attention will be added to this bio.