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Sean Majors

Seattle, United States

Breaks, House

Sean Majors Homepage


I started DJ’n when I was fifteen. I’ve always been really bad at small talk and I’m obsessed with music, so when partying in high school, being behind the turntables was the best place for me. From there, it just happened. House parties turned into clubs and bars. Clubs and bars turned into warehouses and concert venues. Eventually, I recognized that my life could be music and parties, so I started putting my twist on what was going on in the northwest’s music culture and “finding myself” as an artist. Sounds lame, but it’s true. I tried out tons of music and approaches to making/playing it, kinda rested on some crazy shit that could only be me.

I play mainly electronic music, but it’d be rude to call me a house or techno dj. I love working in different tempos and styles. I’ve done it since I started, do it now more than ever and always will. I’m just not emotionally built to be one flavor of anything. My good friend, Gene Lee and I have released around 15 tracks together as Lost Boys, mostly house, some having got serious rotation from Derrick Carther, Mark Farina, DJ Dan and Lawnchair Generals.

I host one of the more successful club nights in the NW with my good friends Flat Black, Martha Linhoss and Bgeezy. :) It’s called Trashed. It’s the gospel. Check the site.

You can hear all the noises I like to make on my soundcloud page and on my various social media profiles.