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Se.Ra.Phic (Rocco Rago) was born in 1985 in a town in the south of Italy. After the studies at the school, in 2008 he moved on a Militay School until 2010 and during this period he completed his studies with a degree in political Scient.

About his music preferences, He began listening to dance music in the 90’s, during the period of greatest development of this genre. In the late 90’s, around 1998-99, He approached the sequencer (MadTracker) and music production at the amateur level producing his first tracks.

The total revolution came in 2003 after a trip to Germany, where he discovered new sounds and atmospheres, and approached the world of production to a more serious level. Advised by his uncle (Sly) he started using Fruity Loops and Acid as a sequencer for production, then move to Cubase.

After learning production tricks and understood the Cubase’s features, Se.Ra.Phic is signed up by Emotive Sounds after sending his first demo “I Live in Your Eyes”, track that goes straight into Audiojelly’s top 10. Two months later, was released his first remix for Saint Rush’s “Sovereign”.

The second single, Sunset Rose, came out on 12.10.06 and triumphed, played by many Djs in all over the world. Then other two remixes were released, one for Wolf’s “Prophecy” (track included on Trancemaster 5005 compilation) and the other remix for Amex’s “Back in The Sun “ with many supports and good chart position.

Two months later his third single, Call To Light, is released and was supported by many Djs and appreciated by many people all over the world.

At the end of 2006 he meet Alex Bartlett and they started some project but no one of these was released for label’s tribulations. Se.Ra.Phic worked on the remix for Andy Guess – Always With Me (Se.Ra.Phic Remix) that wasn’t released the but after the publication on Youtube’s Chanel by Se.Ra.Phic, the remix scored a great success and is played in many parts of the world, especially in Australia.

After his last single “Call To Light”, was released 2 new remix for Likuida – Another Way and for Peter Matijn Wijnia – Utopia. The 4th single, After The Last Breath, came out in may 2007.

In June 2007 Se.Ra.Phic decided to stop the music production to keep a “reflection time” about the new situation in the trance scene. During this period he moved to listening other genres like Symphonic Power Metal, New Age, Classical Music and the darkest and nostalgic sounds and atmospheres of Neoclassical Music like the germa band of Stoa.

The 20 of June was released the remix for “Joakim Daif vs. Likuida Pres. Aerodive” of Summer Dive on Daif Records.

Despite Se.Ra.Phic stopped to produce in June, in September was released “Heaven Trace”, his last release with Emotive Sounds.

In January 2008 he came back to production and share for free some track, like “Angels Bay" and “Crystal Tear” and in april were released the remixes for “Lyala vs Se.Ra.Phic – Karinya” on Air Music/Multiforce and “Andy Hawk meets DJ Space Raven vs Soulcry – Devotion" on Red Silver/Drizzly. In June was release the remix for “Colorspace – Illuminate” on Waytodream Recordings.

After the summer Se.Ra.Phic stopped again to produce because He moved on a Military School until 2010. But during this time he produced something and share this track for free on Youtube. Thae tracks are “If I Can Dream”, “Hand of Hope”, “Fall Like Leaves”, “Floating Dreams”, “Last Whispers Of Summer”, “Lost In Old Time”, “Motus Aeternus”, “Loneliness at the Beach” and the remix for Digitalis – So Far Away (Se.Ra.Phic Remix).

In 2010 and 2011 he became to produce but he decided to not have contact with any labels and to share his track for free for all his fans.

Regarding his musical influences, Se.Ra.Phic says “I started listening to trance around 1998, and love the old trance style. For me the Trance must be an explosion of emotion. My best producer is Ace Da Brain, probably the best!"