Scul Beatport


ScuL has been producing music since as early as 1994, firstly hardcore but when hardstyle turned up this proved to be closest to his personal sound.

Finally after many years of pushing his sounds, some vinyls have been released. First a remix for “Kayem vs. Brainkicker – Take This” on DJS-records. Not long after it Global Hardstyle launched the first vinyl “6 Million Beats” and ofcourse ScuL was part of the production team.

About a monght ago a solo vinyl has been released: “ScuL – Fear Us” on his own label Global Hardstyle Records.

In terms of DJ-ing, since ScuL was a producer from the start off, this wasn’t his primary goal until about 3 years ago. DJ-ing is the best way to make the crowds known with your personal sound and appearantly there was another hidden talent stuffed away. Being a quick learner, DJ-ing didn’t seem to have any mysteries for him.

In the last years ScuL has played several times in the Netherlands, twice in France, twice in Sweden (of which one time on a cruise ship), and once in Denmark on a special Global Hardstyle night! Soon there are more events coming up in other countries. He’s looking forward to play on more locations around the globe!