SCOY (Canada) – After Productions

Canadian DJ Scoy became involved in club promotion back in the 80s, when then the dancefloor was dominated by groundbreaking electronic music supergroups such as Depeche Mode and Kraftwork. Over his lifetime Scoy claims to have logged more hours inside of a danceclub then any other man alive.

Hailing from Montreal, the city notorious for its intense club scene, Scoy became inspired by the emerging “rave” movement during the mid 90s. After several years of intense research, Scoy started producing his own electronic music events with the collective he formed called Vibesensor. Together with respected local Montreal artists DJs Soundshaper, Maus, and others, they would go on to produce some of the most infamous underground tech house parties.

The collective always focused on new and undiscovered talent rather then booking well-known names. An example of this is the legendary party: Swayzak Live at the LivingBedroom in 1999, where the duo performed flawlessly in front of the sold out crowd with their 200 pounds of machines and samplers, and the D.Diggler event, where unfortunately Diggler was unable to play do to a bad cold sore.

Scoy has always been known by his DJ peers for his impeccable taste in music. By the end of the millennium he was DJing and quickly became known for his deep rolling tech sets. DJ Scoy has developed a reputation for always hitting the mark musically, whether it’s on the decks at a big party, a club, or a small lounge. Able to cross over many styles of electronic music, it’s a deep inspiring cord that ties together all of the tracks he puts down at a party.

At the end of 2004 Scoy started the label AFTER. AFTER is producing events in the Dominican Republic and Montreal, and is now working with its artists to produce original music for distribution on Vinyl, CD, and the Net. Scoy is DJing regularly at some of Santo Domingo’s most popular spots for electronic music, and AFTER has several events planned in the second half of 2005 with local and international guests. Scoy is actively searching for DJs and producers to work with the collective and record on the AFTER label.