Top 25k on The DJ List

Scotty Scratch

Toronto, Canada


Scotty Scratch started taking music seriously as a passion back in 2007, after hearing one of his role models on the radio, DJ LRS. With a lot of practice and perseverance, Scotty has learned and appreciated what it takes to be a top talent in the Canadian and U.S. market.

He currently holds three coveted weekly residences in Toronto™s world famous entertainment district, as well as, in the summer tour DJ for the words largest athletic company, Nike.

Scotty has evolved as a cultural tastemaker and is setting his sights on new opportunities and endeavors, keep an eye out for this young rising star.

Current Residencies

-Tattoo Rock Parlour Thursdays

- ARIA Saturdays

-TIME every other Sunday

List of Some Venues Played at:

ā€¢ Guverment, Toronto

ā€¢ Aria Complex, Toronto

ā€¢ TIME, Toronto

ā€¢ Tryst, Toronto

ā€¢ This is London, Toronto

ā€¢ Tequila Jacks, Toronto

ā€¢ Mansion, London ON

ā€¢ London Music Hall, London ON

ā€¢ Rum Runners, London ON

ā€¢ Tokyo, Montreal

ā€¢ Suco, Montreal

ā€¢ Mansion, Pickering

ā€¢ Marquee, Oshawa

ā€¢ Wild Water Kingdom, Brampton

ā€¢ Wetbar, Toronto (For the XO After Party, The Weeknd)

ā€¢ CROWN, Toronto

ā€¢ Tattoo Rock Parlour, Toronto

ā€¢ Cobra, Toronto

ā€¢ Cheval, Toronto

ā€¢ Arcadian Court, Toronto, TIFF Official Event

ā€¢ TIFF Lighthouse, Toronto, Official TIFF Event

ā€¢ Joey Restaurants

Message for bookings

[email protected]