Top 50k on The DJ List

Scott Keith

Seattle, United States

Minimal, Progressive House


Before being introduced to the world of electronic dance music just six years ago, Scott Keith was actually the drummer in a band. Having always enjoyed the rhythm and complex layers of chaos behind the music, it was only natural for him to be swept into this new sound he was hearing. These new sounds caught Scott’s attention immediately and electronic dance music quickly became a passion. Eager to learn more about the intricacies of not only the music, but the entire scene that it seemed to cater to. Ready to take the plunge, he purchased some equipment and jumped into the mix sometime in early 2001. Although several LONG hours of train wrecking and playing around with bits of music was fun, he still didn’t recognize a desire to DJ as becoming anything more than just a hobby. After experimenting with various styles of trance, house, minimal, and progressive, requests to play parties and minor events started coming in. It was through those connections that Scott was offered his first club gig in back in ‘03. From this gig stemmed a weekly residency and opportunities to work with well-established Seattle DJs. As his passion for this music heightened, the response on the dance floor reciprocated that, and Scott realized there was so much more to this. It was this realization that allowed him to recognize that DJing was now a part of himself and no longer just a hobby. Scott got his first big break about a year later when he was asked to open for George Acosta at Club Medusa in Seattle. Since then, the past several years have seen many changes in Scott’s musical tastes and playing style as a DJ. He’s been blessed with residencies at some of Seattle’s elite venues and recently became the official Friday night resident at The Last Supper Club. These opportunities have allowed Scott to work alongside some of the biggest names in the business – James Holden, Christopher Lawrence, Jimmy Van M, Ferry Corsten, BT, and more, as well as playing shows around the United States and Internationally. While always looking for more outlets to learn from, and collaborate within the scene, Scott’s pursuits allowed him to connect with Paul Sparkes and where he currently reviews music, writes articles, and covers events for this international music magazine. In 2006 Scott was invited to play at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Florida and is now part of the Ultra Music team. Although taking the next step into the world of music production has been slow, 2006 will no doubt see the release of several musical ideas that have been floating around in Scott’s head for sometime. With a focus on playing memorable music and layering it in a way that moves minds and bodies, DJing is a passion that has come naturally. Striving to make each show he performs unique to not only further challenge himself, but inspire you to recognize that the passion for music, emotion, and dance is alive in all of us.