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Stimulating, distinct and cutting edge: terms that present only a glimmer of insight into the groundbreaking sound of Scott James. His gripping sound, limitless energy and magnetic charisma leave the crowd enthralled and begging for more. Scott James has created an atypical resonance which fuses the latest techno and house sounds into a musical medley distinctly his own. Having played with acts such as Benny Benassi, Mark Knight, Avicii and HedKandi Scott James is promptly making his way to the top of the Canadian DJ Scene.

Driven by the thrill of performing, Scott has persistently pushed the limits of his performances since his debut in Montreal. While attending McGill University, Scott was first exposed to house music and his passion ignited. He began experimenting with vinyl and CD turntables in his early freshman year, and before long, an obsession generated. Scott became addicted to perfecting his skills as a DJ and refining his unparalleled sound. The most noticeable distinction between Scott James and every other DJ is his inimitable connection with a crowd. Not only does he captivate people with his music, he desires a personal connection and cultivates trust with everyone in the room. Truly a gifted artist and captivating entertainer, Scott never ceases to mesmerize.

This past year has been Scott’s most mind-blowing yet. He has played numerous venues in Calgary and Montreal and has still found time to co-manage his own company, run a popular iTunes podcast, release a vastly successful promo CD and sign with a new management agency; Hubvibes. In 2007, Scott and colleague, Benoit Lamairesse, cofounded the company, Our House Music Society (OHM). Since its inception, OHM has enjoyed impressive success as McGill University’s only electronic music club. It has had an exceptional impact on the Montreal electronic music scene by throwing raves for up to 1500 university students. OHM’s very own podcast, a showcase of electronic music from all of OHM’s resident DJ’s and guest DJ’s from around the world (with individual episodes available for download in the “Notes” section of the Fan Page or through iTunes), was managed and initiated by Scott himself. With in excess of 20,000 downloads and still growing, the OHM podcast has changed the way students discover and appreciate music.

Scott’s next chapter began in Spring 2009 when he released his highly anticipated summer project, Chasing Midnight. Chasing Midnight showcased Scott’s darker, more audacious and alluring side… something unforeseen by the public. In recent months, Scott signed with the Hubvibes Label as a performing artist and future producer. With his eyes focused on production, Scott has begun creating re-edits as well as his own unique tracks which integrate instruments, acapellas and synth effects into lively sets, creating a whole new sensation of harmony.

Scott’s high intensity shows and addictive character leave audiences longing for more. Scott continually raises the bar and strives to elevate his sound, performance and technique. With many new projects and initiatives on the horizon, Scott envisions extraordinary growth and a future that looks even more groundbreaking than the past.