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Scott Christian

Miami, United States

Progressive House

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Raw passion, drive, determination, energetic, heart thumping, are some of the words that best describe dj/producer Scott Christian. This Boston native has been moving dance floors and winning over fans for well over a decade, making him a hometown staple. Scott Christian continues to push the boundaries of EDM by constantly evolving as an artist and always incorporating new styles and fusing them flawlessly together.

He attributes his work ethic and influence to mentors like Boston’s DJ Manolo & New York’s Johnny Vicious;Miami’s George Acosta who are close friends whom have always supported and continued to push Scott to always set higher goals and remain true to his passion.

When Scott is not working in the studio on an exclusive remix to enhance his sets, or behind the dj booth at clubs spanning from Boston all the way down to the sunny beaches of Miami or Ft. Lauderdale, you can find Scott supporting the scene, fellow dj’s and event promoters. Scott has totally engulfed himself in everything nightlife by bringing dance floors to a frenzy, but it’s also by being visible and support the dance music culture and those pushing it forward from the ground up. It’s that grounded mentality that keeps Scott Christian hungry, relevant and in demand.

Scott has played lots of great venues such as Boston’s Avalon, The Roxy, Underbar, Felt, Axis, Embassy, Venu, Tilt, but also venues in Miami such as Shadow Lounge,Dream, The Living Room, Mekka Miami, Fountain Bleu, Clevlander, Gryphon Hard Rock Hotel and Casino’s, Blue, Bed,Cameo in Miami and the list goes on.

He has also been featured in DJ Times, 411 Nitelife, Stuff at Night. As a remixer, you can find Scott’s work on X-Mix Productions where he’s remixed artists such as Brittany Spears, Kelis, Who Da Funk, Oscar G, Gary Wright and Rob Thomas just to name a few. As an artist, Scott is signed to Realm Music in Miami, which is his second home when not in Boston.

Scott continues to push the boundaries and growing as an artist, while never forgetting the real reason that initially led him to get behind the decks; which is his real passion for dance music. Remember the name as it is one that you are likely to see a lot more not only on the dj front, but the production world as well.



Twitter: @djscotchristian