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Electro House, House

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Life is good.

Such a phrase can be seen upon initially shaking his hand or simply catching a glimpse of him at work. These tattooed letters on DJ Schoeny’s hand certainly aren’t the only pieces of inked art emblazoned on his 6”2” frame, yet (depending on if he’s in the right state of mind) may be the only visible indications one receives upon first sight of this man. Regardless, Schoeny’s art embodies this artist’s state of mind, as well as provides a roadmap of the journey that had led him to his current city, San Diego, that of which houses arguably some of the finest musical talent on the DJ scene.

Every DJ seemingly has their own story, their own format, and their own motivations that drive them to spend countless hours practicing, searching, sharing, and ultimately playing music all in the name of entertainment. For DJ Schoeny aka Justin Schoenenberger his story began in Northern California, his format was cultivated via Fijian neighbors that happened to be DJ’s. Junior high and high school house parties served as his early clubbing days, scenes in which Schoeny would essentially develop his love for the beat, his passion to combine music tattered and innovative in the name of a creating a mix, and envision the destination to the rest of his life—all of which are founded and inspired by his love for music. With these early days, Schoeny successfully discovered his ear for the technical aspect of creating music, his skill in producing a sound all his own, and an organic energy that came from playing his creations live, and never ceased to lose grasp of his vision of becoming what we know to be a DJ.

Fast forward ten years later, and Schoeny has successfully placed himself further down the golden California coast, with the additions of more Mohawk-ier hair and much more permanent color on his skin. Underneath his surface, however, DJ Schoeny is arguably one of the most unique and passionate DJ’s in America’s Finest City. With feet that have travelled to places such as Japan, Switzerland, Guam, China, Florida, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Texas, and of course, the Las of the Vegas, and eyes that have greeted and opened for acts such as Sander Van Doorn, The Black Eyed Peas, Scooter and Lavelle, Gym Class Heroes, Dj Frances, G Roy, JuniorTheDiscoPunk, JJ Flores, Chromeo, Pauli P, Black Sheep, Dj Scotty Boy. Schoeny’s passion and drive has cemented himself in the ever-expanding world of DJing. He continues to persist and to strive, and has no intentions of falling out of line. Nor do his fans wish him to.

In a city immersed with nightlife jockeys that have been around the track for more than a few races, DJ Schoeny stands out in a uniform all his own, colors recognizable yet distinctive. In the sense of his style, it can be argued that Schoeny gravitates towards open format, freestyle, hood house, and electro. The style of “mash-ups,” on the other hand, don’t necessarily serve up his style accurately. Schoeny masterfully folds in lyric and beat, whisking up a product of his own flavor, one that can be sampled when in person during one of his ever-unique sets, or at one’s own Leisure while thumping his albums “Fraggle Rock” or “The Golden Ticket.” The experience of witnessing a performance by DJ Schoeny certainly speaks for itself, yet is not a difficult one to acquire, as DJ Schoeny continues to make his rounds throughout San Diego, expanding his venue list as time ticks by; in fashioned count, of course.

Life is Good. For DJ Schoeny, life is indeed good…and is continually getting better.