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“My name is Christopher von Deylen – and I am Schiller.” It doesn’t take more than ten words. The fans cheer. At some point, roughly in the middle of every Schiller concert, these ten words are spoken. The man stating them smiles briefly at the audience, then immerses himself again in his unusual sound-worlds where he compresses into music people’s dreams and hopes, the atmospheres of our time, yes the vibrations of the world. Inspired by electro classics like Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk and Jean-Michel Jarre, von Deylen creates visionary sounds that are way ahead of their time, because, with longing, they have absorbed past and present. New electronic music, enthusiastically celebrated by fans and the press as “Global Pop.” “Music that moves one really deep inside,” is what Mike Oldfield said about von Deylen’s compositions.

The musician, composer and producer didn’t choose the name Schiller by accident. In 1998, the single “Glockenspiel” was on the table, a musical adaptation. Christopher von Deylen had just read “Die Glocke” (“The Bell”) by Friedrich Schiller and from now on released his albums under the poet’s name.