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San Diego, United States

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There only needs to be a couple instances in your life that mold your passions and make you realize what exactly it is you wish to do with your life. Michael Scheinker was a Southern Californian teenager who had a promising career laid out for him working at his family-owned construction empire. This was the plan – only until he attended an underground rave at the Fox Theatre in San Bernardino that his close friend and fellow artist, DJ STELLAR, invited him to. From that moment, the love for EDM music rushed in, and acceptance that this was his destiny soon followed.

After high school graduation, he moved to the famed City of Angels to try and gather more knowledge and understanding for the music, and the industry it came with. Scheinker enrolled at the LA Recording School, a college focusing heavily on audio engineering and music production. During that time, the growth and direction he was steering towards was becoming more and more evident as he progressed in the field. He started to develop and introduce himself to new sounds, techniques, and a thirst for live play. When he finished his last class, he knew exactly what he wanted to create and how he wanted to do it.

Residing in Encinitas, a small beach town in San Diego county, he has now become a seasoned regular in San Diego’s rapidly growing EDM scene. Playing at established mainstays such as Voyeur, Bassmnt, Intervention at the Hard Rock Hotel, Dive DayClub, Stingaree, and also opening/closing for Top 100 names like Steve Aoki, the Stafford Brothers, the Manufactured Superstars, and Markus Schulz, has led a buzz to be generated amongst his peers all across the genre. Scheinker leans more towards big room progressive house and electro; meaning he is fully versatile and able to adapt to play any venue and to any crowd, whether it’s a large-scale festival or a more intimate club setting.

Scheinker has been diligently working in the studio on some very personal projects that will be released soon. Stay tuned with this upcoming artist, he is not one to be looked (or heard) over.