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DJ Sayho was born in Miami, Florida in December 1978. His parents properly named him Teddy Seijo. Sometime in the early nineteen eighties, young Teddy made the distinct connection between the pronunciation of his given last name ‘Seijo’ and the sound of the crowd-chanting anthem ‘Say Ho!’ that was taking over the radio airwaves and DJ driven house parties of the day. This nickname would stay with Sayho throughout his youth in South Florida. He was the younger of two sons and credits his brother as his earliest musical influence. His brother, a well-trained guitar player in his own right, introduced the young Sayho to a vast catalogue of rock

music classics, which were performed by their own garage rock band. These sounds coupled with the Caribbean salsa and merengue songs which were standards in his Cuban home were balanced with the sounds he heard during the advent of freestyle, bass, and booty music on the streets of Miami. Sayho developed an eclectic range of musical influences during this time. Sayho was also nurtured by the sounds of Afro-Cuban drumming music used in traditional Cuban religious ceremonies, which he participated in as a youth. These unique drumming

rhythms laid the foundation for his future attraction to tribal beats.

And then there was House:

While studying classical music in college, Sayho discovered an unusual similarity between the structured patterns of Baroque music and the pulsating meters of the house music he was discovering on the weekends. After graduating college with a telecommunications degree, Sayho did a brief stint in network television in New York City. It was in NYC where Sayho, finally started to realize his first appreciation of classic house music. Sayho began to realize that the duty of a DJ was to translate their desire to reach a mass group of people whom they called their dance floor dominion. He realized this DJ-ing was a rare type of communication that allowed DJ’s to connect with their audience instantly and intimately. It was at that point that he knew this is what he was destined to do!

A DJ is born:

In October 2004, he forever christened himself DJ Sayho. Armed with this namesake, he embarked on a journey that would enable him to materialize what he had up to this point only witness others DJ’s do. He believes the makings of a good party are attendees who arrive with an open mind, are willing to let the music be their stimulant and leave having learned something. The musical style he enjoys playing most could be described as sample-heavy deep house, but ultimately DJ Sayho’s audience dictates the musical direction he takes. DJ Sayho is a master of disguise. Whether its dropping deep house bass beats for the nocturnal bass beatniks or working

the dance floor into a frenzy by stepping up the beats per minutes with the nights hottest vocal tracks, DJ Sayho manages to change styles seamlessly night after night. As for DJ-ing, DJ Sayho lists ‘a really good beat’ as his true inspiration. He also believes living life on the cutting edge of creativity is key to succeeding in today’s dance world bringing his own style of creativity and personality to each of his sets.

DJ Sayho’s future is limitless. His passion for music is endless. The combination of these factors will surely allow him to conquer any musical horizon he sets!