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Savy Fontana

Miami Beach, United States

House, Indie Dance / Nu Disco

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SAVY FONTANA works with only one premise:

“seducing the audience with his music on any dancefloor”

SAVY FONTANA is a Dj, producer, remixer, musician and singer. His passion for music began at the early age of 7, playing guitar, bass, keyboard and any other instrument he could get his hands on.

At the age of 16 he found the legendary Roland TB-303 and a TR-606 in his dads closet and began to experiment with electronic music . A couple of years later he became one of the top Dj’s and Live performers of his kind, earning himself an impeccable reputation in his home country Venezuela.

At the young age of 18 he decided to move to London were he began to experiment with Electro and Indie Dance music merging it with his Rock, Punk influences creating a new style for his shows which he played in many parties and festivals in city’s and countries such as Milan, Bologna, Pescara, Czech Republic, Poland, London, Barcelona and Buenos Aires just to mention a few.

After 6 years in London he decided to go back home to Caracas Venezuela where it all started. He began a new phase in his musical career as a singer, songwriter and producer searching for a unique sound of his own which lead to the creation and release of the EP “My Temptation” in 2010 by the indie label FLYBOX Music.

SAVY FONTANA’S explosive funky sets walk through many styles of electronic music like nu disco, house, electro, indie dance and 80’s sounding beats, with re-edits and remixes, armed with MIDI controllers, synthesizers, a microphone and a lot of irreverence.

In 2012 he decides to look for new inspiration to create a new sound for his next project and decided to move to Miami. He is now working on new material for his new album which differs from his Electro Punk EP and starts to experiment with more of an 80’s futuristic disco sound. SAVY FONTANA has just signed with the UK indie label Tum Cha Records and will be releasing his Beatport debut EP on June 2013 along with some powerful remixes of other artists from the same label. He is currently the resident DJ at “JUVIA” in Miami Beach’s Lincoln Road where you can catch his amazing Dj sets and live performances !