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DJ Savage, real name Jeroen Joosten (he also listens to Savage as his normal name is hard to pronounce for non-Dutch people), born June 1976 in Dordrecht, (the Netherlands) and now residences in Breda (NL), is a house/progressive/trance/techno DJ/producer who started out during 1994 with the minimal of equipment. Between 1995 and 1997, DJ Savage managed to become a resident hardcore/gabber DJ in the ‘Rave-Cafe’ and as a dance/trance DJ in ‘De Lendte’ in his hometown. During that time he also produced a number of mind-blowing tracks but unfortunately he was forced to quit performing as DJ/producer in the year 1997 due to private stuff.

Between 1998 and 2001, DJ Savage was completely out of the business and after he quit performing he thought there would not be a future anymore for him because it is a hard world to survive in, so he did not thought about starting again, but thanks his best friend DJ Seven he is back again, Seven started during 2001 and Savage really got the shivers and wanted to perform again so he made a comeback and how… Together with DJ Seven he revived Zero System and made a complete new team out of it with some fantastic international DJ’s. Since the beginning of 2002 he has performed on several radio shows (internet, FM and cable radio) and at several international parties at some of the best venues of the world which include for example: Marqanti Plaza (now known as Kingdom) in Amsterdam (NL), the Peppermill in Heerlen (NL), Scanners Dordrecht (NL), Hemkade Zaandam (NL), Po Na Na London (UK), Pacha London (UK) and many other great places.

Savage is also known for his work as a producer, in which he started around the same time he began as a DJ. These days he made quite some marvelous tracks and even made a few great remixes like ‘Fly High’ from Ayumi Hamasaki and ‘Memories of Tomorrow’ for a Norwegian producer and is currently busy with some other projects as well.

He currently has many styles as DJ and as producer but you can find his heart really at house, progressive, trance and techno music.

Remember to keep track of this site and you will find out everything about this great DJ/producer!