Top 50k on The DJ List

Saunders And D Estate

Vienna, Austria

Progressive House

AKA: Armando D'estate, Steve Saunders


Saunders & d’Estate have become synonyme for both, a new club and DJ culture. The DJs, coming from different styles of electronic music, discovered that by combining their opposed styles, they could create something special – a performance that would make the crowd go nuts.

Steve Saunders, initially inspired by the German Techno-scene and well-known for his progressive sound and Armando d’Estate, the Funky House-Loverboy, seducing the crowds with the finest Vocal House, together had a vision of a DJ-set: a harmonious combination of Deep, Funky, Latin, Tribal, from Progressive Electro Beats to Minimal-Tech House. Is it a festival, small or big club, watching and seeing Saunders & d’Estate live means to experience pure entertainment – no matter if it’s on 2, 3, or 4 decks simoultanously. You can feel the energy from this fusion on the dancefloor right from the first second!

With their typical sound, they have been winning the crowds and the organisers alike, right from their first gigs in the country and abroad. Alongside their guest appearances on global radio shows, they’ve also got their own show to host weekly brand new mixes by themselves, and artists like Mark Knight, Paolo Mojo, Thomas Gold, Booka Shade, Axwell, and many more. Currently, Saunders and d’Estate got involved with finalising their first track, to be released soon. Insiders talk by now of the future club anthem.