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Saturna Beatport


Saturna is Lorin, who lives in Memphis, loves music of all kinds, and who has enjoyed deejaying for people for eight years. A dancer at heart, and a romantic through and through, she loves to share the music that hits her the hardest, that makes her dance, laugh, cry, and feel generally present and whole..

Her favorite music is obscenely deep house, with heartfelt vocals and a tech edge, as well as sick soulful broken beats. She loves artists like Larry Heard, Charles Webster, Brothers Vibe, Kenny Dixon, Jr., Kaidi Tatham, Colonel Red, Jazzanova, and Ben Mono, and labels like Statra, Mahogani Music, Dessous, Mantis Recordings, Compost, and Sonar Kollektiv. But she really just plays what she truly feels, from wherever and whomever that may come.

Lorin has enjoyed playing throughout the years with some wonderful musicians and deejays, including Larry Heard, Charles Webster, Mark Farina, Deep House Souldiers, Markie of the Wicked Crew, and more people she cannot bring to mind because she frankly is not all that concerned with those kinds of details.

Saturna has a weekly broadcast on and enjoys playing all sorts of events, from galleries to clubs to large parties – as long as people are ready to open their hearts, and get down.