José Ángel Leonel de Cervantes Ascencio, known as DJ Sativa Jo, or just Sativa, was born on May 16, 1980, in Mexico City, Mexico. He is a Disc Jockey, audio engineer and mu... read more
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Location: Mexico, Mexico Mexico
Genre: House, Tech House
Labels: Starke Records

José Ángel Leonel de Cervantes Ascencio, known as DJ Sativa Jo, or just Sativa, was born on May 16, 1980, in Mexico City, Mexico. He is a Disc Jockey, audio engineer and music producer, owner and founder of Mandarina Records Mexico. In 2000 –having 20 years old- he began his career in the electronic scene. In his early years, his style was progressive house, techno and psytrance, however, he is actually considered as a Tech House DJ. The use of House Old School music remains key aspect for the most stunning and striking parts of his sets. Around 2002 he began his international career mixing at parties in Dallas, Texas, gaining great popularity and reputation with the American people. Upon his return to Mexico City, with skills and preference for the sounds of psytrance, he shared the stage at rave parties with artists who at that time had a good reputation in such events. In 2003 he received his first residence in the Barracuda Bar, located in one of the best electronic centrally situated in Mexico City, mixing House music. In 2004 his name and talent quickly began to be recognized in several clubs of Mexico City, obtaining a new residence as a DJ at Bar House, sharing the decks with some of the most emblematic figures of Dance music, this increasing his good reputation and contracts for events and private parties in the City. Also driven by the electronic culture, he begins to plan his own private parties at different clubs in Mexico City, creating an underground style. In 2005, already with five years of experience, he began his career as an Audio Engineer with a Master’s Degree of Music Producer in one of the most recognized music schools in Mexico: G Martell, College of Music Technology and Audio. By the end of 2007 he performs as a Dj at the Red Door Bar, located on the island of Cozumel, Quintana Roo, Mexico, also mixing in various clubs and private beaches of the island. In mid-2008, with full musical experience, he founded his company Mandarina Records Mexico, an agency dedicated to Dj booking of national and international artists, improving the level of the electronic culture and the music at parties. Starting 2009 he begins to mix throughout Mexico, because due to his experience and taste in music, individuals and companies from different states of Mexico began hiring him to mix in different clubs and beaches. It is noteworthy that with the set “La Alcoba Mix” Sativa Jo was named artist of the month by an Italian site based in Firenze, Italy. In late 2010, Sativa, together with his colleague Sam Koen, made of Mandarina Records Mexico an electronic signature of House genre and all its variants, helping artists and new talents in electronic music production, all in order to help his country to be an exporter of Dance music. In the middle of 2012 he returns to the electronic scene in the United States, in the city of Houston, Texas, where he had presentations in some night clubs. In 2011 he started performing at Pata Negra in Mexico City, and where he still mixes, and he also performs in festivals, events and other night clubs in the City. Sativa Jo is listed as one of the best DJs in the dance community having a very good reputation as a distinguished DJ and producer.