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Sare Havlicek’s music is primal, it’s escapism, a soundtrack to your night drive along the Mediterranean coast, a space odyssey and a cosy trip to the beach at the same time.

After co-defining Slovenian techno and house sound back in nineties that is still evolving through the work of artists such as Umek and Valentino Kanzyani Sare’s sound today is contemporary disco.

Sare was supported by Dimitri From Paris, Aeroplane and The Magician and used his production skills to remix artists such as Kraftwerk, Space and Queen. All this along with his unique analog approach to music production has earned him some great press and magazine features in DJ MAG, iDJ and Mixmag.

His debut album mastery of ‘70s and ’80s cosmic disco stylings Toscana Nights, released in 2010, was warmly received by DJs, critics and public alike. Forthcoming Single Vibe on You (release date 17th October 2011) is announcing his second artist album coming out later this year. Among dance floor audience Sare is well known for his remixes which were released this summer on a compilation “New Masters Series Vol.4” that brings together the slick, analog-synth driven, early 80’s grooves of Sare’s productions.

Sare has his monthly radio show on San Francisco’s Pure.Fm. Have a listen to his latest mix:

See full discography at Sare Havlicek official page: