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I have been DJing 10 years now and have been lucky enough to have played at clubs all the over the UK, and proud to say alongside some of the hard dance scene’s most recognised DJs, and some favourite DJs of my own! Although I still play out every so often, I’ve recently decided to focus more on the production side lately, as I think I’ve reached a decent level of quality when making my own tracks now.

I have been on and off producing for the same length of time as DJing, around 9/10 years. My first dabble with the likes of the old ejay (some may remember!!) it couldnt get any simpler with drag and drop samples programs for the PC, now 10 yrs later have progressed onto using my dream setup – a 24inch imac and Logic 9 + a MIDI keyboard and some lush VSTs…!!

I had my first release thanks to Jupe on Fired Up records back in July 2006, a hard house remix of ‘Renegade Master’ which to my surprise reached number 2 in the Tidy Digital download charts!! Needless to say I was over the moon, and continued to knuckle down with my production. In 2007 I took the chance to take over the running and owndership of Fired Up myself, now my main passion would be to carry on the labels already established good rep with scouting for good talent and bringing more energetic uplifting hard trance to those that love it!!

If you would like to know more, book or find out prices for an engineering day or book me to DJ, please feel free to email…

[email protected]

Thanks x