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► Samy Chelly is one of Tunisian’s hottest rising talents making a name for himself as a heavy-hitter in the electronic music world.

This rising star was Born on 14 Juin , 1988 in Sfax.Tunisia

From a young age, Samy was already a lover of music in all its varieties.

At the age of 16, He began learning remixing and mixing music ,then he formed his band of Arabic Remixes Called “SaMix Arabic Remixes”!.

This provides him with a great deal of experience and made him all the more confident to interact with the crowd.

Starting off by doing some edits and primary mixes and he soon found out that he could create his own productions too.

Samy had the opportunity to share experiences with other well known national djs thoses artists who had influenced the style of his sound expanded for the Tek Deepy House , Progressive House and a little of Electro …

► Samy exploded on the international music scene in 2007 with his remix "Ayami Beek ", which climbed to the top of charts all over the world (Number1 on Arabic Radio’s Charts, 5 straight weeks on Tukich/Mexicain top 10).

Samy ’s sound is always in evolution, ready to play every new electronic tendence grooves,a rhythm that makes you move.

► Samy was Tunisian’s no.1 voted DJ on TheDJList which reflected his success in reaching many audience’sears in a very shortperiod of time.

► Samy is an artist who lives to make people dance,

he future is wide open for this bright Man..

Todays Music. Tomorrows Sound.