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Samy Fresh born and still resident in the city of Zurich, the Electronic Music artist-smithy of Switzerland. Since 1999 activ in the Electronic Music scene, he can look back to a long and intensive past, but also he can look forward to a big future! As a DJ start, can he called himself now DJ, Producer, Label Owner, Studio Owner and Audio Engineer, to make a long story short: a life for the Music.

With Releases up to more on 14 different Labels, underit Label names like Kult Records or Tony Thomas Progress Recordings show his sought talent. After all of this successes, he decided to found his own Record Label Augenring Records. Not only to have a another platform for himself, no he want to give this platform to all artists from all over the world.

In addition to three own radioshows in three different countries and numerous gigs in Switzerland and foreign countries shows that his own musicstyle is very in demand