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Samon Kawamura

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Samon Kawamura Beatport



After two long play albums – “Translations” (2007) and “Unfold” (2008) – HipHop producer Samon Kawamura is back with his “Spur of the Moment” series; a collection of impromptu beats, whose essence lies in their spontaneity. In this series, Kawamura acts on impulse, capturing raw experiences and fleeting moments of inspiration and building beats which Embody them; anything from a flash of insight whilst in the studio to encounters whilst travelling the world. In order to preserve these transient moments as quickly as possible Kawamura headed straight to the drawing board and created sounds – “Spur of the Moment” is the result. Unrehearsed and true to Kawamura’s roots.

THAIMA is the first instalment of the series; 25 tracks inspired by vintage sounds from Thailand. Simply put, Kawamura has taken classics sounds from Bangkok’s street kitchens and infused them with his own HipHop flavours. Dinner is served.