Sam Perez Beatport


Sam Perez was born in the second half of the 1970s. His love of music was evident in his constant purchases of vinyls of funky and old school 80s electronic music. Basically, he grew up with the music of the famous band such as Depeche Mode and Kraftwerk. In the beginning of the 90s, he started his DJ work in Sicily, and at that point he began to recognize the various musical genres. Initially, he worked in a popular night club in his hometown and in the mid 90s he met with Louie Vega whose music was influenced by Garage as well as Deep House. This lead him toward a new musical career which brought him the opportunity to play in the hottest clubs of Sicily. In 2001, Sam moved to Veneto and became the owner of a store which offered DJ services. Further, he met a DJ/producer called Dariush whose musical work consisted of a well known school of Electronica. In 2003, Sam performed as a DJ for one season in the night club Muretto, a popular club known to the world, in the beach town of Jesolo. This gave him the chance to meet with many national and international celebrities such as Coccoluto, Alex Neri, Ralf, Guiliano Veronese, Angelino, Paolo Martini, PeteTong, Deep Dish, Satoshi Tomie, Francois Kevorkian. In 2004, Sam and Dariush with Brusca, produced a single called Ghouls and Ghosts in the style of Disco Progressive House, which was immediately entered in the Paul Van Dyks musical chart. In 2005, Sam and Dariush started a project called Darsam, which lead to the single called Across The Ocean, under the label Yoshitoshi, one of the strongest labels known in the world, which is owned by the Deep Dish recording company. This single is already being played by famous DJs including Tiesto, John Digweed, Alex Neri, Hernan Cattaneo, Chus and Ceballos, Ralf, Desin Masiello, Sasha, Paolo Martini, Angelino, Giuliano Veronese, Deep Dish and many other international DJ… Charted number 1 by Joe T. Vannelli in his “slave to the rhtym” chart and in spanish charts by Chus & Ceballos and first track of the Amnesia Ibiza compilation By resident DJ Brian Cross… In conseguence of new production under the Darsam nikname or Angelmoon with “Irregular Peace” (Written and produced with Dariush and Angelino) , supported by huge international djs as Nic Fanciulli, Sander kleinenberg and others… All this, and the Big friendship with Dj Fab Cassidy, takes Sam to have a lot of gigs in Italy and in London(in clubs such as BAR 54 and Ditch BAR) In 2007 he creates with Dariush a new remix for Saul B and Leo Girardi’s titled “Manga” coming out on Yoshitoshi recordings. Coming out also a new remix done with Brusca for Dpen – Hakuzen , played in world exclusive by John Digweed. At last he gained an other great label, Baroque Records, with a new production with Brusca, Dariush and a new fresh italian duo known as Dirty Trip with “Foggy Soul.”

The same year he with Brusca and Davide Bomben, founded a new label with name PyCairo Records, and realize a remix for Simon & Shaker titled Naco released on Electronic Elements (Armin Van Buurens label).

Actually Sam is working on a new project called Apologist with his friend Brusca; it’s the techno/deep side of this two artists. The first track of Apologist is been released by Wave Music (Francois Kevorkians label), and supported from Laurent Garnier, Behoruz, Tedd Patterson, Silicon Soul and many other importants dj.