Sam One Beatport


Real name: Sami Heikkilä

Artist name: Sam One

Date of birth: 12.03.1990

City: Tampere

Genres: Hardtrance, freeform Producer/Dj

Sami Heikkilä has been interested in electronic music almost his whole life.

He started to produce own music in the year 2004 with his one friend. About a year later he tried software called FL-Studio. Sami was hooked on that software and he is still using FL-Studio.

Step by step the quality of his songs started to get better and better and all the time he entered deeper in to the fascinating world of music production. In the year 2007 he changed his alias into his current artist name “Sam One”.

He started to meet friends who had the same hobby as he had. Through that interesting in music got more intence and he bought his first dj-equipment for playing records.

His first gig was in autumn 2007 in the underground party hosted by Koneradio. There he played 1 h 30 min b2b-set with Substanced. In Labour Day 2008 he played his first club gig in the Club SÄDE Labour Day-event.

Sam`s first cd-releases were on UK-label Electronica Exposed. Tracks were “Mechanical” and “Parasonic”. Releases have became plenty of more and now he is in the group which is setting up the new FINRG sublabel HYBRIDIZE.

Winner of Battle Royale – DJ Survival Program dj competition

Winner of FORCE – Episode V // Revenge of the Dark Lord // dj competition

Runners up place in Kevin Energy & K-Komlpex`s remix competition.

2nd place in Dj Rx – Code of silence remix competition