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Adelaide, Australia

Electro House, Progressive House

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Zach Hamilton is an 18-year-old DJ / Producer / Remixer from Adelaide, Australia.

Saltare started out in 2009 playing around with Ableton Live. After developing his skills he eventually started making full length songs, mashups and bootlegs, and formed a substantial following over his Soundcloud account.

The “Saltare” persona came around in early 2012. After spending a long time trying to come up with a suitable yet original name Saltare was born at last.

“Saltare” is the Latin word for dance. As Saltare has always strived to make amazing dance music, and deliver phenomenal sets to the dance floor, the name seemed to fit quite nicely.

Saltare has played at many private house parties and is proud to say that he has walked away from all of them with an intensely satisfied audience. He has also had his mixes featured on Adelaide’s most popular youth radio station ‘Fresh 92.7 FM’ multiple times.

Saltare has had his music released on labels such as Cyberpink Records and Brokar Records. After joining the team at Brokar Records with their second release (Saltare “Through”) he continued to help up out not only with his original music, but by contributing with guest mixes on their radio show ‘Brokar Radio’.

He recently made his international debut by performing an hour long guestimix for DJ Dan York’s London based radio show “Dance Anthem Sessions”

Saltare has a very wide taste in music including genres such as progressive house, electro house, dubstep, tech house, pop, indie dance, trance, alternate rock, hip-hop, and all sorts of others. This not only means that he has a huge library of music, but also that he has so much material that he can create mashups or bootlegs with and transform them into dance floor bangers!