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Salt & Vinegar

Singapore, Singapore

Electro House, Progressive House

T.V.F Records
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Salt & Vinegar is the Duo of James Van Carlos & Jaz Van Fly.

Jaz Van Fly has been in Europe for 5 years, playing in venues such as Shally’s (London), Fabric (London), Rotation (Germany). He has also performed with well known dance DJ/Producers Dance DJ and producers such as Central7, [email protected], Dj Manian (Cascada), GrooveCoverage, Stereo Palma, Nasksi and Brunner, DJ Cerla (Floorfilla). he had also released 12 Dance album and 6 Remix singles with T.U.S labeled under Universal Records, IO Music, EQ Music and Warner Music and lots of other remix singles with big name producers from Europe like Central Seven.

James Van Carlos has had been a Resident DJ in Movida St.James Powerstation from November 2006 till October 2011. He had also introduced new Club Sounds and Artistes to Singapore, such as Nick Corline, Nicola Fasano, Steve Forest, Eddy Wata, Afrojack, R3hab, Hardwell, Raf Marchesini, Karmin Shiff, Stero Palma and more.

With the Duo now handshook as a team, they have taken it to Productions.

With a number of productions in hand Salt & Vinegar will be releasing their music in due time..Fresh and New from the oven, from Singapore to Asia and to the rest of the World!/saltvinegar