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Who is DJ Salah? You may know him as the creator of the Latin infused global house hit of 2008 “Amor”. Perhaps you have seen his name as a result of one of his numerous collaborations with artists and producers as diverse as Lenny Fontana ,Davidson Ospina, Keith Thompson, Inusa Dawuda, Ron Carroll, Terri B as well as with the Grammy Winner Tanvi Shah to name but a few. Or maybe you’ve been lucky enough to witness the international live performances by one of the most innovative and sought after DJs on today’s house scene. No matter how it was you came to discover him, DJ’s Salah’s unique sound is fresh, addictive, invigorating, and has become the soundtrack for nights to remember all over the world.

His music can be viewed as an infusion of styles that reflects his journey through music and life. Originally from Casablanca he would later move to Luxembourg where he discovered his passion for R’n’B and Funk, a sound that still informs his work today. By 1995 he had began to make an impact as a DJ on the European house scene, and so Salah was born. He started producing in 2001, achieving global recognition and by 2006 he had launched his own label, GaGa records in the hope of offering other independent performers and producers a platform to be heard on an international level.

It is his desire to constantly reinvent his sound that has allowed Salah to remain at the forefront of the global house scene. As well as “Amor” being selected as one of WMC’s best tracks of 2008, 2009 saw his collaboration with Isaac “Shine Through” taking residence at the top of European dance charts for several weeks. Another chart breaker was “When The World Turns Round” with lyrics written by Winston Sela. The song stayed more than seven weeks in UK official Club Chart in top 20. His individual take on the house genre has DJs and producers from all over the world jumping at the chance to collaborate on remixes and has seen his work licensed by internationally recognised labels such as Sony, Universal, Virgin, Wagram, Kontor Records…

For his upcoming songs he is working together with top-liner Nalle Ahlstedt from Warner Music, who has had many of his songs in the charts all over the world.

Who is DJ Salah? He’s more than just a DJ, more than just a producer, more than a performer. DJ Salah has gone beyond this, he is a sound, a feeling, and a guarantee of something unique that will raise you up and stay with you forever.