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Sal Negro

Bronx, United States


Mezzo Recordings, Polp
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Sal Negro, one of the most celebrated, fun loving, and joyous DJs of his time was born Orlando Herrera, Jr. in Santa Clara, Cuba circa 1961. He was raised in the Bronx and was introduced to music by Cuban born Juan Gonzalez. He first entered his career as a musician and as an artist at 8 years old, then as a DJ at age 15. For Sal Negro being a musician and DJ has spanned over 30 years of his life. He has had music in his blood since his introduction to it.

He has shared his mixing talents with tens of thousands of dancers around the world, not only on the dancefloors of clubs and events, but also in the studio, engineering and mixing for a who’s who in the music industry. He has always stayed connected with his crowd by deejaying from a dancer’s viewpoint. He has been headline DJ at numerous events abroad and has opened for many headlining DJ’s around the world. The hard work towards Sal Negro’s tenure in dance & Latin music is an ongoing passion that he prides himself on every time he steps behind the turntables. He has enjoyed playing anywhere from a lounge to a super club all with the same intensity. “Spinning music is like life, every day brings something new and different to it” he says.

“In my life I have had the pleasure of being the type of DJ that has been able to really call himself a performer. I connect with the people through a spiritual connection that makes me turn what I do as a performance and not a set. Nothing else is more uplifting than performing. I take my years of performing in genres of Rock, Latin, World Beat, Electronic and Alternative and put it into how I feel while I perform. Working with people like Vernon Reid, Marvin Gibbs, Gary Fritz, Joe Clausell, Human Decline, Ron Banks, Scott Wozniak, Bobby Morales and others have given me a broader sense of how blessed he is on his craft.”

In 1995 he started T.A.C.E. Entertainment (The Afro-Cuban Experience) working with musicians from around the world on World Beat music. He used his skills as a musician, a DJ and a recording engineer to come up with fantastic tracks for Macquina Mono, Gone Blind, Vernon Reid, Human Decline and others.

In 2006 he started 5840 Productions and in conjunction with Black Fury Entertainment, Sal Negro has worked around the world on projects as small as local choirs (Alicea Keys) to as most notebly the Bejing Olympics. Lending his skills and his ears in the world of sound and music production for all projects moving forward.

In 2011 he joined Mezzo Recordings and DagoStar Recordings as an Artist/Producer with tracks like Something For The Everyday and Standing On My Own. Also in 2011 he became the A&R and Production Coordinator for the European and African Regions for DagoStar Recordings. Signing artists like Mmeno Africa, Sibongile, DJ Lanvin and more.

Sal Negro still spins regularly along the east coast in the NYC area and around the world. He can be found every year at The Lincoln Park Music Festival in Newark, NJ and the Winter Music Conference (WMC) and at local clubs like Sapphire Lounge, Label, SB3, Hells Kitchen, Sin Sin @ Leopard Lounge and CIRCUS in Liverpool, England.

“DJing is part of what draws me into performing” says the Bronx native, who has divided his 35 years between seasoning his aptitude in music and performing live. “I have managed to do both since for the love of people brings me to the love of music."