Top 25k on The DJ List

Sailor Gloom

Washington, United States

Hardcore / Hard Techno, Minimal


Out by the Black Forest, DJ SailorGloom spins out of Stuttgart, Germany! Growing up in Northern New Jersey, he experienced some of the finest Gothic and Industrial clubs on the East Coast (Communion, Exedor, Batcave/Albion, Wasteland, QXTs, and Nation to name a few). Geriatric net goths may remember him as Infofreako. His addiction to dancing and genuine love for the scene has brought him to several Convergences (IV Toronto, V New Orleans, VI Seattle, VII New York City, and XI San Diego) and other gatherings (Dark Harvest III and Danse Macabre). Before DJing, he hosted several events and legendary scene-related parties. Moving to San Diego, he made his DJ debut 2004 in San Diego for promoter and DJ Bryan Pollard at Darkwave Garden, Underworld, and Therapy (the longest running Industrial/Fetish dance club in Southern California) earning residency in all three clubs. Recently relocating to Hawaii, he met up with DJ MERC! (HELLRAVER Productions/TERRORFAKT) and DJ I/O Control (AGENTS OF EMPIRE) and quickly immersed himself into the Waikiki scene where he is a resident DJ at Dungeon Hawaii (featured in Playboy, Details, Skin 2, URB, and on E!‘s “Wild On” TV) and Flesh. He is a guest DJ at Noctuary and Shockwave and been featured on KTUH’s Feast of Friends with DJ Nocturna. He was recently featured at Convergence 12 in New Orleans spinning primetime slots before the headlining bands. Convergence 14 in Tampa, FL is his next US Mainland stop! Currently spinning for Stuttgart Scwarz clubs Our Darkness, DM Party, Cure Party, and Rohre, he will never spin anything he will not personally dance to (The DJ SailorGloom guarantee!) and always gets the pulse of the crowd! Be sure to sway and stomp to his SINister beats! Tch.