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Kalamazoo, United States


Saga Beatport


Few men have been able to pinpoint the true title of DJ Saga’ unique style of mixing, but one thing is without a doubt, he has the energy. Saga’ progressive sets touch on many bases and play on many fields, ranging from deep, progressive trance to intense techish goa to grungy, bubbly dark house.

Originally from northern Michigan, this DJ taught himself the art of mixing in his garage at the age of 16. A deep lover of electronic music, Saga tries to create new feelings and emotions through his music while maintaining a strong energy presence throughout the dance floor.

With his dual set introduced as the second installment of the Imperfect perfection series, his music should reach a much wider audience. Saga loves playing with harsh industrial licks and wicked percussive sweeps all while keeping tracers of funk flashing throughout. His odd mix of techno, deep goa trance, and progressive house is causing chaos all over. Now is the time to hear the Saga!