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Comprising of San Francisco’s Clint Stewart and Marc Smith, Safeword is the result of a decade’s long friendship and a mutual love for music.

Stewart and Smith have worked side by side on music for years so the eventual pairing was inevitable. “When Clint sent me his

parts to our first track I knew we had something special.” says Smith." From then on everything just fell into place."

With a foundation laid down in thick heavy drums, lush melodies and atmospherics, every cut becomes a pulse thumping

cerebral campaign, in which every track leaves an indelible mark on the listener. “We are just now beginning to see what could

flourish here, and the sounds we can create with this dynamic” says Stewart. With a debut ep on Sebrok and Marc Mirior’s own imprint,

Paso Music, and an ep on Berlin giants Dessous and Poker Flat, as well as an ep on Alland Byallo’s forthcoming label Bad Animal, the duo are just getting started with their assault on dancefloors worldwide.