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Beginnings: Having been educated as a musician, Sacrifice has performed in many projects in his formative years. The idea of DJing was not even something that had crossed his mind until a DJ from the local radio station (KJHK in Lawrence, Ks) persuaded him to do a number of guest spots. This was circa 1999/2000.

Roots and Influences: Specifically for his DJing, Sacrifice started out as a heavily Industrial DJ. However, the limitations of that genre and its audience had compelled Sacrifice to find other venues to experiment with new styles. One of the first styles Belgian Acid Techno, was a very easy transition. From there he also incorporated Hard German Trance, Deep Chicago House, and Trip Hop in to his live sets.

Live: Sacrifice has graced the stage in many venues in the area and across the nation. He has been the resident DJ at Evolution for 3 years. Local artists featured at this night include Justin Wheaton of Ebon, Solaris, Synnister, N.9, cQuence, Phelyne, and SVS to name a few. At other local events Sacrifice has had the pleasure of performing with Koncept, Offtrack, AC, Clandestine, Sara Lee, Breakbotix, and Tim Hjersted at such local venues as Club Life, Club Chemical(back when Dave Aude guested), the Pyro Room, Cactus Cafe(old have a nice day cafe), the Uptown Theatre, and various private parties.

Having completed 2 East Coast tours as a featured/guest DJ, some of national venues Sacrifice has performed at include:

The Lizard Lounge, Dallas, Tx: Home of D:Fuse and Kid Icurus and has had performances from Oakenfold to Tiesto.

Downtime, New York City: This is where the DJs from NYC’s Limelight went after it’s close

Edge/Wet Nightclub, Washington DC: Right next door to one of the US’s most popular nightclubs “Nation”

The Manray, Boston, Mass: One of Boston’s top alternative clubs, the cages there make XO seem like a playground.