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S4 E

United Kingdom



S4E is an artist originally from Finland. To be more exact from eastern part of Finland from a town called Kitee. Nowadays he lives in England.

He is currently 28 years old (born in 1982) and he has been making trance music more seriously from the year 2003.

Nowadays he has released an album called “Moonquartz” in 2005.

His second album titled “White Sound” was released 15th of December 2006.

His third album was released 26th of August 2007. The name of the album is Scorching Sun.

Also during the same year album called Twilight Zone was released.

During 2008 S4E made two albums. First one of those, W.I.P. /Work In Progress was released earlier that year and the second, L.M.I.M. /Let Me Introduce Myself saw its’ official release date on the first day of november 2008.

S4E’s latest album, D.T.Y.B. /Direct To Your Brains was released 7th of october 2009.


2009 – D.T.Y.B. /Direct To Your Brains

2008 – L.M.I.M. /Let Me Introduce Myself

2008 – W.I.P. /Work In Progress

2007 – Twilight Zone

2007 – Scorching Sun

2006 – White Sound

2005 – Moonquartz