Djs @ Work Beatport


In 5 Years existence of [email protected] Work there are lots of nameable highlights. Let’s name some of them.

During the last Years the 3 German Producers have led the commercial dance scene. Songs like Someday or Time2 Wonder went throughout the clubland worldwide.

Lenny McDustin and Ole van Dansk have once started producing their own tracks after they had met in school in the early 90s. There had been a couple of releases on labels like Tunnel Records or Fog Area, but first in 2000, when they have founded their own label Vinyl Vibes and joined with Herby F and his label Trance Formation Records, the 3 of them were able to celebrate the first chart success with Rhythm n Drums 2001.

Followed by Someday and Time 2 Wonder, that both went straight into the German Top 10.

As a reward for their work, [email protected] Work were honored with the desired award Comet for Best Dance Act 2002 by VIVA and ZDF Television.

In the end of that year Ole van Dansk decided to go for solo projects and left the group.

Things went on for both parts [email protected] Work released their second album Past was yesterday and 2 new singles and Ole van Dansk pushed his own name with songs like How I wish or Shinning Star. Therefore surprising for everybody fans, colleagues and press, when the reunion got announced in the news only a few weeks ago.

In secrecy [email protected] Work created the new single, Your Love. A mix out of house, trance and the characteristic [email protected] Work sound, that will be released in April 2005 on Kontor Records, Germany.