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In a career spanning well over a decade, Rydel has had the pleasure of playing in a long list of countries around the globe and still continues to do so. His outstanding mixing skills impress even the most demanding audience and he always delivers sets tuned to the enjoyment of the people in front of him.

Being an active producer as well, Rydel is getting strong support from some of the mayor players in the scene. After a series of successful releases on several international labels he’s now primarily situated at Sub Cult and NWORec, where he is free to expand his experience in the music industry beyond the range of just DJ and artist. Keep your eyes (and ears) on him, because he always has some surprises up his sleeve.

Performed in:

Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Colombia, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Poland & Slovenia

Performed with:

Tiësto, Ian Carey, Redhead, Coca Y Villa, Bryan Kearney, DarkRaver, Cave, Luke Dzierzek, Space DJz, Ed Real, Filterheadz, Dylan Drazen, Voodoo & Serano, BuzzFuzz, Darkrow, Yves de Ruyter, Jay Denham, Dana, Marco Bailey, Viper XXL, Pavo, Veztax, 2-4 Grooves, Andreas Kremer and Paul Langley, amongst others.