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Tokyo, Japan

Dubstep, Tech House

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DJ RYAT (real name: Amiel Sanders) is a producer/dj from Chicago, IL. He started playing as Young Prodigy (his Producer-alias) in 2000 and has also used the alias project X. Amiel achieved his local fame around 2008, he became well known in chicago’s underground hardstyle scene when he released “Take Your Chance” as DJ Ryat. This track was promoted and distributed by Reverbnation and Myspace Music, along with the support from friends and fans.

Amiel started to produce music in 1997 with the help from a program called FL Studio(Fruity loops) . From there he locked himself into his room for hours, days, weeks, evens months working on songs and makings melodies. But the endless failed songs and countless mistakes helped him improve and make many great hits such as “Feel The Bass” and “Blackout”.

Over the years the following singles made him known also in different parts of the world.

“Legacy” (2006)- London

“Acid Drop" (2007)-Malaysia

“Feel The Energy” (2008-Germany

“Take Your Chance” (2008)Netherlands

“Can You Feel It” (2008)-Australia

“The Sounds Of Hardstyle” (2008)Australia

“Get Up And Dance” (2008)-France

“get wild” (2009)USA

“Hardstyle Attack” (2009)Japan

“Dj Ryats 1Hour MegaMix Vol 1” (2009)Japan

“Jump The Fuck Up(jumpstyle edit)” (2009)Poland

“incredible” 2010- USA

“diary of a reject”2010-USA

“game changer”- Japan (2011)

As a Dj and producer, he creates music that can rock the coolest clubs and yet sits proudly on Reverbnation and Myspace music charts. He uniquely and boldly treads a tightrope most DJs and Producers wouldn’t dare to traverse too: the line between being an underground DJ and having huge mainstream success. Amiel who now goes by the new alias RK has left a huge mark in the music industry and continues to grow and always leaves his fans wanting more.

His dj style is easy to describe… it’s kinda hardcore, sort of electro, dirty and high energy, sweaty and simply hardbass.

His main goal for the future is to spread house and dance music all over the world, kick ass in every night club and rave scenes Dj booth and share his unconditional love for music with as many people as possible.

So stick around and watch this young dj do what most would dare to imagine!


his last mix innocent until proven filthy vol 2 greatly boosting his dj reputation in the dupstep scene making this mix the most downloaded and viewed with over 79,000,000 hits. hopefully we will some more great things from this dj in the near future.